I ate ice cream in every city I visited

Our Story

Ice cream has the power to bring uncontested happiness.

Be it traveling to Egypt, gazing at the pyramids and indulging in a fig ice cream, or a casual sunday family lunch and scooping out a rich pistachio gelato.

Over time and travels, we realised that there were flavours available around the globe that we couldn’t get back home. I wanted the Butter Pecan I got in California, the Saffron & Cardamom from Iran, the Gianduja (chocolate & hazelnut) from Italy…that’s where Blush started.

We really wanted to relive those great moments with great ice cream, and after experimenting and enjoying scoop after scoop we are now keen to share this happiness with everyone.

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We make each tub as orders come in to ensure freshness and the best quality ingredients are used


We noticed how much happiness ice cream created, so we are constantly making new flavours to achieve this


Our ice cream is rich and heavenly. Using the best ingredients with no additives or preservatives